Today, it is Carlo’s daughter, Lia Riva, who is at the helm of the historical Monaco Boat Service. After rounding the mark of half a century, the Monaco Boat Service, with RAM and Officina Italiana Design, has now also created VintageRiva. This brand, with a dual historical and contemporary soul, offers once again the mahogany boats that have entered the realm of legend, such as the Aquarama, the Ariston and the Olympic, after faithful restoration. The now mythical fibreglass models, such as St. Tropez, Gitano, Sport Fisherman and Bravo, on the other hand, are given a completely modern reinterpretation and have also changed their name to VintageRiva.


It is a story that is 150 years old, of craftsmanship, excellence and attention to detail, but it is also a story that is in constant evolution. Design, technology and functionality are continuously developed and meet the most modern demands. With the same meticulous attention to detail in the construction of boats from 27 to 120 feet, each one is given a precise identity linked to its name.

In the same way, the motor boat division has picked up the challenge of a new environmental sensitivity, with the birth in 2011 of the Riva 27’ Iseo, the first boat for waters of great environmental value, with a hybrid engine and which can operate in ZEM (Zero Emission Mode). More than ever, Riva boats are examples of refined, elegant and timeless beauty, the synthesis of cutting edge design and excellent performances.

What makes Riva stand out is the strong bond between design inspired by tradition and the unique boat-building skills and experience handed down from one generation to the next. Clean and essential lines, sophistication and originality define the boats with their exclusive design and unique style. This balanced synthesis between elegance and innovation is capable of attaining new goals in the history of international boat design. The spirit of the young boatbuilder Pietro Riva lives on unchanged. Riva is still building boats nobody else possibly could.





Second hand Monaco Boat Service TOP SELECTION boats are subject to strict controls that certify the quality and ensure maximum reliability.



The charter service "Promenades en Mer" Monaco Boat Service provides, on the Côte D’Azur , elegant and prestigious boats for a sea daytime. Contact us to find exclusive services.



The customer is the center of our world and to be closer to the ship owners Monaco Boat Service has developed a service and e-commerce with exclusive products and a collection of works of art dedicated to those who love the sea.